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As an active person, exercising in one form or another has long been a passion of mine.  For 10 years, I have shared my experience and love of running as a certified running coach at The Running Depot. This experience has taken me great distances, literally; running a 50k, marathons, and half marathons. I have made my fitness home at EW Training as a member for the past 6 years.

In April 2017, my fitness journey was altered when a body composition test (Bod Pod); comprised of weight, lean mass, fat mass, and body fat percentage, showed that I was overweight and at risk for health concerns due to my height and age. The result, 37.5% body fat convinced me to make changes that I had previously been putting off.

Though I had been told I had the ability to lift more, I’d had neither the drive nor confidence to do so.  With the advice of Michelle, I began to incorporate more strength to balance the cardio that I had worked so diligently to maintain.  As my weights increased, I continued my tri-weekly runs, but completed shorter distances. Throughout the process, there have been ups and downs, but I can honestly say I am stronger physically and mentally.  I have begun to look at myself in a way I thought I never would.  After finishing my third Bod Test I have lost 10 lbs. and my body fat has decreased to 31%, with a total loss of 14.5 inches.  

With all the challenges that the feminine identity faces in today’s world, EWT has become my sanctuary.  I am blessed to have a place where like-minded individuals are committed to lifting and empowering one another.  Michelle can broaden your limits and push you to achieve and improve yourself.

Tracy O.


My wife and I joined Elite Warrior Training a little over a year ago and we have not looked back since. This whole thing started when I turned 40. I was the largest I have ever been at 242 lbs and I wanted to make some changes. My wife and I were planning on having a child and this was a huge factor for me as well. Growing up, my father was always in at least decent shape, if not good shape. He was more than able to physically do anything with us that we wanted. I wanted to do the same for our child and at that time, I was not in the shape to do so. My goal was to loose some weight and get into better physical shape. That was a little over a year ago and I have lost a little over 30 lbs. The most stunning part for me was that I have lost over 45lbs of fat and I have dropped my body fat percentage from 46% to 30%.  My fat/lean muscle numbers when I started 111.5lbs/130.5lbs to 62.7lbs/146.3lbs where I am currently. Michelle was very candid at the start that this was going to be a 2 year process. Being a year and 2 months in, I could not be more happy with my results and I am excited to see where I end up at the end of the year.
Thanks for pushing me and giving me the tools to accomplish this, I feel amazing!

Mario S.

Let me introduce you to Stacie. Stacie came to me shortly after having her 3rd child with a desire to get back her body and achieve a level of fitness she had not been at for many years. Having a career that includes travel and 3 boys at home did not deter her from reaching goal after goal she set for herself. Putting in the time and making significant changes in her diet which included eating more calories and using specific Advocare products, Stacie was able to not only lose weight but gain muscle therefore setting her up for a sustainable lifestyle. With her wonderful husband Gary at her side supporting her, she knew she had all the tools she needed to be successful including travel workouts that I created for her when she was not able to make it to class! Stacie not only reached her goals but smashed them. Wanting to be skinny and later realizing being fit and feeling strong was what she really wanted. Her journey still continues as we have set new goals and I look forward to watching her smash those too! To date Stacie has lost 18.25 inches and over 10% body fat. She has increased her kettlebell swing weight from 12 kilos to 32 kilos, her double kettlebell front squats from 8k to 20k and her double presses from 7k to 16k! I can't thank her enough for believing in me and the process here at Elite Warrior Training!

Deb's fitness journey gives everyone hope. In three years, she has transformed her lifestyle from sedentary to healthy and active. She's dropped weight, built strength, and grown emotionally to overcome every hurdle; every challenge. As you'll see, Deb's journey is not over. But she's discovered EWTraining of Woodstock, Illinois as the place where she will continue forward among those she considers family.

Meet Mary - she's living a fitness lifestyle thanks to EWTraining of Woodstock, Illinois.