Offsite Corporate Bootcamps

Bring the #1 Bootcamp in McHenry County to You!

Corporate wellness and employee health is a hot topic for business owners and management due to the rising cost of health insurance and medical time off. At E.W. Training we have found a simple yet highly effective way to combat this issue head-on: We bring the #1 boot camp in McHenry County to your business!

We offer a 6-week boot camp program with the option of two or three 45-minute training sessions per week. The workouts include Kettlebells, Fitness Ropes, Body Weight, Power Dance Cardio and more.

On top of that we can offer nutritional coaching and/or complete meal plan services. Our boot camps are fast-paced and consistent, boredom is never a problem, but they can be modified for those just getting back into fitness or with medical issues.

Our certified trainers focus on building functional strength for long, lean muscles ideal for everyday life and work, while bursting with positive reinforcement and feedback for the campers.

Don't have the space at your work place? We can build a custom boot camp series at our training center in Woodstock for you. Want to make it a 6-week weight loss challenge? We do that to!

Call or email us today to set-up your consultation.