Elite Warrior Athlete Program

Fall 2017 EWT Athlete Program - New Session starting September 6th - November 29th

Wednesdays 3:45 - 4:45 pm & Saturdays 9 - 10 am - Cost $120.00

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Calling all Athletes Ages 12 and up...

Elite Warrior Athlete Program (EWAP)
Enhancing the fundamentals that your coach can teach by improving our athletes speed, agility, power, and strength to outperform their competition.

We incorporate exercises that build athleticism needed to perform during competition. Correct technique and athletic purpose will be emphasized with each exercise, agilitym or speed drill.

Athletes will be taught safety and basic kettlebell movements, as well as injury preventative movement to enhance their athleticism.

This power does not come without a price! You will pay with your sweat, heart, and soul. You will work harder than you ever thought possible. We are not looking for only the best athletes now; we are looking for the athlete who wants it so badly they can taste it.

EWAP programs are focused on developing explosive power, decisive physical and mental response and dynamism in athletes—the stuff that separates EWAP athletes from other players. There's a place for traditional free-weight training in sports training and we can assist you with a program. But our athletes are challenged by some of the most old-school and some of the most demanding and unorthodox training out there because we're not looking to just play, we are looking to create champions.

Groups are forming now and are limited to 30 participants per group. They will train with Kettle Bells, Exercise Ropes, Sandbag and Body Weight programs. Participants will never look at strength and power the same way again!

Contact us today to become the warrier athlete you were meant to be!