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Come check out our new location 

1270 McConnell Rd Woodstock

There will be lots of things to do while you are here!
We will have a mobile Hydrostatic bodyfat testing unit on site. 
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Maggie Kearns Memorial Engineering Scholarship

Maggie wanted nothing more than to be an engineer from a young age and had just finished her first year in the University of Illinois Aerospace Engineering program before passing away unexpectedly from a stroke at the age of 19.  As a little girl when she played with her Barbies she would add elevators to the doll house and make sure everything was organized perfectly in order. Her dream was that everyone would one day own their very own hoverboard to scoot around town so we didn’t spend our life stuck in traffic trapped in our cars. Come join us Saturday, September 10th for an open house at EW Training in Woodstock and take a group fitness class to stay healthy this Fall.  Proceeds will go toward a scholarship for a graduating senior girl who will be entering the engineering field.

 Help us pass on that dream!!!

Take a class while you are here and join us in raising funds, donations appreciated.
Classes start at 9:30 and 10:15

Raffle drawing to raise funds for the Maggie Kearns Memorial Engineering Scholarship Fund.

Bring the kids to try out our obstacle course starting at 11:00.

Also joining us will be:
Jake Stegmaier and Jim Kearns from Northwest Healthcare
Emilee Bozic a Certified Reflexologist
Billie Cornell Young Living Oils

Enter our raffle drawing for tons of prizes!

Bring your family and friends! 
See you here!


Deb's fitness journey gives everyone hope. In three years, she has transformed her lifestyle from sedentary to healthy and active. She's dropped weight, built strength, and grown emotionally to overcome every hurdle; every challenge. As you'll see, Deb's journey is not over. But she's discovered EWTraining of Woodstock, Illinois as the place where she will continue forward among those she considers family.

24-Day Challenge

Are You Ready to Change Your Mind & Body about Health & Fitness? Are you looking to Lose Weight and Build Functional Muscles? Are you Bored with your current workout or gym? Need help with weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness? Join EWT for the ADVOCARE 24-Day Challenge™. You can start anytime but why wait? Jump start the new year now!
Take the ADVOCARE 24 Day Challenge™ and get 24 days of fitness classes free at EWT.
Check out the 24-Day Challenge™ now.

E.W. Training Workouts involve sweat, heaving breathing, and hard work. We will push your body past its comfort zone, but we promise you...YOU WILL LOVE THE RESULTS! Whether you are training with our Ropes, Kettlebells, Body Weight Training, TRX, Power Circuit, Boxing, or some combination of the above, we will take you to levels of fitness and functional strength that you've never imagined.

We believe that everyone is a could just be on a fitness-leave of absence! Don't worry about not being strong enough...or not being tough enough. Our clients are at all fitness levels - from beginner to intermediate to competitive athletes and special combat forces! Whatever your fitness level, we help you set your goals and then most importantly, we help you realize them.

Our training involves full-body, dynamic motions that incorporate entire muscle groups. IT'S ALL ABOUT MUSCLE CONFUSION! Rather than focusing on one muscle for muscle building, our workouts move your entire body in a way that builds true functional strength, helping you to look and feel great while building strength for real life. Membership at E.W. Training includes:

  • Complete and continuous instruction with all of our tools by certified instructors
  • BMI/Body Fat Testing
  • Video Analysis of Your Form
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Cutting Edge Functional & Tactical Training
  • Accountability Form & Planning

We look forward to helping you in your quest for Fitness Excellence!